Wednesday, July 28, 2010

season 2 = faster, simpler, sloppier

been a good while, but reckon it's time to start churning out some new ADWs. The plan for now is to lessen my production values in exchange for an increase in ease and frequency. Managed to put out one a week whilst I had an address, but homelessness resulted in a drop-off in production, and outsourcing myself to India reduced 'em to a dismal average of one per month. Kept getting fancier and fancier with more pictures and behind the scenes features and all sorts of unnecessary stuff. Don't nobody care 'bout that, all folks want is some insight into things we never learned in school. 1st century Greco-Buddhists and the Pope's pirates and inventing paper and the number zero and flaming camels and stuff like that. Plus connections that defy conventions like John Conner being a proponent of Mohism and Napoléon Bonaparte being responsible for so many Miss Universes being boricuas. Ideas and opinions, not production values

check out this video and see what I mean:

that there has pictures, video clips, audio, and pretty much everything I am technologically capable of doing (with the exception of stop-motion stuff). A ridiculous amount of research and confirming and triple checking and editing and blah, blah, blah. Cute and funny, but still far from perfect. Certainly not worth the 8 weeks it took to make it. 8 weeks = too much time to spend making a 5 minute youtube

quantity over quality is the plan for now. Streamlining the operation and relegating witticisms/jokes to the blog. Also doing away with that whole refusing to say names thing that hereunto has been one of the cute/annoying hallmarks of the ADW franchise. Had this whole thing 'bout translations and that which we call a rose by any other name and all that. Also liked referring to dudes by ADW ID rather than by name. That practice ain't carrying over into Season 2

sleeker, meaner, and more hard core = the 2010-2011 ADWs

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