Thursday, October 14, 2010


you promised in your previous blog that you were gonna stop flashing pictures of people without saying their names, and then you did exactly that. Who were those guys involved in that "versus" thing?

I'll even give you their names in English and not their native languages:
team περιπατητικός = Aristotle, Avicenna, and Thomas Aquinas
team math/science = Al-Biruni, Ibn al-Haytham, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstien, and Larry Flynt


since he was the punchline to the first ever ADW, it is only appropriate that he lead off season 2, which had been delayed signicantly due to a combination of laziness and this other youtube video I had to make for a job application . And then more laziness, since the whole thing was finished like 3 weeks ago and it took me that long to get around to rerecording and editing the audio (a process that takes all of 12 minutes). Promised that season 2 would be more rapid-fire and intense, so had to re-record the audio for this one. The first version was alright, but I think excited and outta breath is a better angle for me than lackadiscal and subdued. This one wasn't really excited and outta breath at all, but 'bout time I just published it already and got to work on the next one

the picture of his crater is from Google Moon. They've had Google Earth for some years now, and Google Mars is the newest one. Not content on conquering the world, our friends at Google are taking over other celestial bodies too. (disclaimer: this blog is hosted by Google, as are all my youtubes. And my emails. At the moment Google is still losing to iThings with regards to hip cell phones, but prolly not for long. GO GOOGLE ! ! ! ! !)


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