Tuesday, December 22, 2009


from henceforth the tangential questions pretaining to the video will be answered now instead of a week later:
1. wait, wasn't Itzcoatl the leader of the Aztec Triple Alliance?
he ain't on no 100 peso bill

2. who's translation of the poem did you use? That's not quite the same as what the wikipedia says
I translated the Spanish on the 100 peso bill into English. No idea who translated Nezahualcóytl into Spanish from whatever language, but I translated the Spanish into English. And my translation is perfect. Suppose I should correct the errors on the wikipedia, but I just don't care. Not really all that big of a deal that folks completely changed all the punctuation from the original

3. wait, you have 110 kids?
no stupid, I am one of the few dudes who'll admit to enjoying being emasculated by the smell of flowers (lilacs are my favorite)


first image that comes to mind when I think of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar is Charleton Heston, but reckon each actor only gets to be one historical figure. Plus Ethpaña got plenty of ADW caliber statues of El Cid from which to obtain a thugged out profile pic

quite proud of the15th centurty warrior slash king slash poet reference to ಶ್ರೀ ಕೃಷ್ಣದೇವರಾಯ. Apparently the youtube was too, since they selected that as this video's thumbnail pic. Silly youtube thumbnail selection. Tried my darnedest to beat ém, but since I lost the versus, figure I might as well join 'em

this'll most likely be the last ADW of the year. Fell off pretty hard since leaving South Beach, but still managed to get in a few every month. India started off a bit slow, but once I get me some USB internet in January I'll make up for it. Jokes next week and then that'll be all for a while


here go them paragraphs I promised in response to the previous ADW question:
wait, wasn't Issac Newton the first guy to do gravity?
nah, folks new 'bout gravity long before Newton's time. Aristotle had this whole Happy Gilmoresque theory of objects having a desire to return to their natural place, and while racist Europeans were content with that for a good 2000 years, other parts of the world decided not to partake in the ignorance. بیرونی translated last week's ADW thusly:

"All heavy things are attracted towards the center of the earth. [...] The earth on all its sides is the same; all people on earth stand upright, and all heavy things fall down to the earth by a law of nature, for it is the nature of the earth to attract and to keep things"

one of Dem موسى‎ Boyz foreshadowed Isaac's law of universal gravitation and ابن الهيثم was all 'bout centers of mass and magnitude of acceleration due to gravity. الخزيني‎ 'splained all 'bout force, mass, and weight and broke down the specific gravities of a bunch of stuff. Mikołaj Kopernik, Galileo, and Bobby Hooke were big into the gravity as well