Monday, April 12, 2010

that other project

audio ain't perfect, coupla glitches and Cousin Dick's bit has some exploding "p" sounds, but I can always re-record it later. The first couple are basically just me reading the captions from the pics I posted on the myspace and in that facebook album. Had originally thought I'd do something with all the pics I have of 'em together, but maybe I'll incorporate some in later

this should only be a rough draft, hoping to have a bunch of chapters and put everything together on a DVD for everyone at the reunion in July. We'll see how productive/lazy I am over these next few months

. . .

suppose I need to work on my impressions. My Calvin Coolidge and George HW Bush sound almost identical

. . .

didn't even bother saying anything 'bout FDR or lil' George, since I figure everyone is familiar 'nuff with both of 'em. Although the phrase "me and Dub" is amazing. Like on the Cosby Show when Rudy would call her friend Bud. Cousin Dubya is his formal name, but his closest friends/family all know him as Dub

. . .

reckoned the Vietnam War pic I had was too distracting so I swapped it out for something more generic. Perhaps if you were alive during the era and were familiar with the image, it wouldn't have the same shock value, but damn. Raising any kind of controversy would defeat the purpose of this light-hearted video though, so opted to just go with a mundane pic that no one will remember

replaced this one

with this one

. . .

still not sure if Millard Fillmore is a cousin. Some of his ancestors were from Norwich, CT and Ipswich, MA. Our people founded those towns and impregnated pretty much everyone who came through, so is possible that he's another cousin

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