Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Q & A
why didn't you say anything 'bout him being a Sakaldwipiya from Golla?

why didn't you say anything 'bout him being a Brahmin from Takshila?

why didn't you say anything 'bout him being from Dravida?

hey, isn't that Tom Hanks in the Machiavelli stage play? I didn't know he did theater

good eye. Here is a better picture of him from the play. The role of Callimaco in La Mandragola was actually Hanks' only New York stage performance

thank you for your question. So often all I get are stupid ones berating me for neglecting to mention unsubstantiated claims of ethnicity

Best of YouTube
most of the videos are just clips from that 47 part television series 'bout him made back in 1990

my favorite has gotta be this one. It's just a bunch of quotes set to cool chant music, but there is a charm in its simplicity and straightforwardness

this one is really odd. A female Steven Hawking voice is reading something while a kid is playing baseball and then there are some candles and this goofy music. Not quite sure what is going on there

some college students sit around drinking, smoking cigarettes, and talking 'bout his book. Not really very interesting, but suppose if you have a thing for Filipino girls . . .

this guy made a cool chart outlining key subjects in the book. Apparently, he has a bunch more stuff on his website. He has a part 2 and 3 video as well

more Filipino college students (or maybe the same ones). Ain't really my thing, but seems like them pervs who are into Asian girls could start internet dating one of these chicks with a few positive youtube comments

DVD Bonus Features
see how I'm classing up this operation? Videos continue to improve (I hope), but it's the extras that have really been taken to the next level. Had figured my non-canonical ADW youtube account would just be for jokes and stuff, but it has quickly evolved to be so much more

realize I say "record," "reckoned," and "reckoned" within a 10 second span, but I ain't re-editing the audio on a deleted scenes commentary. Shoulda been "record," "figured," and "reckoned." Whatever, imperfect deleted scenes commentary is still raising the bar

next week I might do some outtakes. Or a full behind the scenes "the making of" ADW documentary. Outtakes are hilarious. I get all angry and curse and stuff. Sometimes I repeat a word over and over and over again to get it right. Prolly plenty of funny stuff in the C:\Users\Ian Murphy\Videos\Narration folder. I was gonna delete everything since I don't like clutter (I'm sure feng shui applies to computer hard drives as well), but perhaps I can turn some of my trash into treasure

Ramblings and Links and Pictures and Stuff

Alexander the Great has received shout-outs in the last two ADW videos. Unprecedented. Plus he was like half of the previous blog. بیرونی had been the most anticipated future ADW since week 1, but now we have a new front-runner. अशोक is swiftly climbing the ranks as well. There were a preposterous number of ADWs and future ADWs in this video. Suppose I should list 'em all with links to their wikipedias and ADW youtubes (where applicable). I could be a jerk and link to the wikipedia written in their language, but I'll just give y'all the English ones

Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος

Raden Wijaya
ಶ್ರೀ ಕೃಷ್ಣದೇವರಾಯ
Julius Caesar

also throw references to Ἀριστοτέλης, Πλάτων, 孔丘, and 墨子. Most likely they'll all be ADWs as well. 墨子 already got his and 商鞅 will for sure get one. Just look at his Official ADW Teaser

what amazing pose for a statue. All surly and full of contempt. That's gotta be one of the most disgruntled statues ever. He gets to be the Legalism quadrant and since 老子 is a bit too mythical for ADW status, reckon 莊子 will be the Taoist representative. And you best believe that there will be way more dudes from the Hundred Schools of Thought too. Much as I love me some medieval Muslim scholars, ancient Chinese philosophers are still my favorite

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