Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ocho = Túpac Amaru II

this week's quiz
1. wait, how was he a mestizo? Doesn't Español + Castiza = Español?

2. why isn't his name spelled Tupaq Amaru?

so this one is actually more 'bout other people/organizations that have the same name, but whatever. They are forever inextricably linked and do form a pretty bad-ass team. Ere this one evolved to include so many folks, had intended to flash some other same name duos,

but since they are only tag team partners, it wouldn't really be fair to pit 'em against the entire Túpac Amaru army

this week also marked the first time that I corrected dude's wikipedia page. Nothing major, and the articles are only Start-Class, but still. Just so happened that this coincided with my insane genealogy researching, so I rattled off a few citations.[1] Absolutely unnecessary and completely over-the-top, but whatever

the most monumental innovation this week was that I learned how to download and crop and insert youtube clips. Last week I learned how to do screen captures, and figured that would be sufficient, but apparently now I am capable of inserting humorous videos as well. Did a google image search for "rape and pillage" but surprisingly was unable to find anything comedic. "Pillage" "riot" "mob" "revolution" and all them resulted in similarly disappointing results. None of the Reginald Denny pics were really all that iconic either. Then I had the genius idea of using pre-reformed Bobcat Goldthwaith and his gang from the Police Academy movies. Still no google image results. Spent a bit of time substantiating my vague recollections of his character (who's name I learned was Zed) and realized that he didn't make an appearance 'til the first of the six sequels. Found a very appropriate clip from the original film though. I really like the Police Academy movies, and their cartoon used to be on DC20 weekday afternoons right before Ninja Turtles. Anywhoo . . . here is Jonesy's official website [2]

my encapsulation of T.A. Shakur's life is pretty good too. Don't mention the Panthers, but I got Baltimore School for the Arts, the inspiration for a coupla his roses that grew from concrete, his discovery in Marin City, C. Delorus Tucker, the lifestyle, and conspiracy theories regarding his death. Plus facial tattoo Mike Tyson to smirking Dick Chaney has gotta be best one of the best cuts in film editing history


[1] also cited the same things on Túpac Amaru's page. Someone had actually changed the great-grandfather versus great-great-great-grandfather thing on II's page a few days prior to my correction

[2] was pretty sloppy drunk while reading Jonesy's official website, but the following nonetheless caught my attention:

"and featured in him in the famous EVENING AT THE IMPROV (witch we all known now as the Comedy Improve Clubs)"

using witch in lieu of which is phenomenal. Too, to, and two aren't nearly as funny. Neither are there, they're, or their. Lots of homophones, and it would be really, really, really, funny to purposely consistently use the incorrect one. Not sure I am diligent 'nuff to start doing that, but if I ever do, all credit goes to Jonesy

answers to last week's quiz

1. Was he of Tulu, Telugu, or Kannada descent?
you know, I believe this is the first time that anyone has ever brought up the subject

2. How do you pronounce the name of the empire?
perhaps the reason he is not more well known is part of a vast conspiracy to keep 12 year old boys ignorant of this answer. There are an infinite number of jokes begging to be invented and told on school buses and around lunch tables

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