Sunday, August 9, 2009

#7 = ಶ್ರೀ ಕೃಷ್ಣದೇವರಾಯ

1. Was he of Tulu, Telugu, or Kannada descent?

2. How do you pronounce the name of the empire?

if anyone ever wants to be a horrible parent, I suggest this site. Those have gotta be some of the worst stories ever. I just did a Ctrl F for Krishna Raya, but I wouldn't doubt that the others are equally awful. If you want some Tenali Rama, you're better off getting it from this guy (the Birbal ones are good too)

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finally got the audio to record at a volume that I like. You wouldn't think that recording 3 minutes of dialogue would be very difficult, but that's because you underestimate how much of an idiot I am. Next time I'll be sure to record the entire thing without any words that begin with a "P" sound. My attempts to say "poet" and "apparently" and "pretty ignorant" were an utter disaster

I also shoulda said empire/emperor once or twice more. Thought I had a good mix of emperor versus king, but realized that the lesser king was more frequent. The internet provides fairly inconclusive data on this guy, and I had intended on keeping with the vagueness by alternating between titles. Unfortunately, from this video it seems as if I determined he was merely a king and not an emperor. The only time I say empire is in a sentence talking 'bout relations with Portugal, and that could easily be interpreted that the empire to which I was referring was the Portuguese and not the Vijayanagara. Totally thought I was being more inconsistent with regards to his regal status

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from making this one I learned how to do a screen capture. I couldn't find all the stills from movies that I wanted on the google images. Searched and searched and searched, but couldn't seems like there are lots more iconic images in my brain than on the internet. Now I can just ask the youtube and then screen capture it. My screen captures are all out of focus and blurry, but whatever. It's the thought that counts

one of the pictures I most wanted was from this Korean movie Musa. Sweeping costume epic with a high body count = my kinda film. I had forgotten just how awesome it was though. So many slow motion shots of dudes making angry faces ere charging into certain death. I loved this movie when I saw it in the theater without subtitles, but unlike most action movies, it is actually better when you understand what they are saying!!!! Most of the time though it is either gratuitous violence or people staring intensely and preparing themselves to rock out in yet another display of gratuitous violence. Plenty of comic relief too. Everyone should see this movie[1]

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abruptly ended this one with a shot of the aftermath of Dresden, just to remind everyone how destructive and often completely pointless war really is. Totally bad-ass and cool, but destructive and often completely pointless

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had to take out the scene from Glory. That along with Musa was the impetus for learning how to take screen captures of youtubes, but Denzel and them marched into their inevitable death carrying guns. The Hindus didn't have any guns. The Muslims had guns, but I wanted a picture of the Hindus nobly strutting into certain death and had I used Denzel and them to represent the Hindus carrying guns that coulda confused folks. An even better non gun having march into inevitable death versus an army with guns was that movie Zulu. Unfortunately, there are no good screenshots of that battle. That part where both armies were singing was awesome though. Way better than the actual fight scene, which just didn't make any sense. The Zulu army ran 100 yards in .04 seconds and then stood there patiently while they slowly, slowly, slowly got picked off one-by-one by dudes who had to reload their guns after every shot and never ever ever didn't kill a Zulu with a single bullet. Rumor has it that back in 1964 the movie was seen as giving the Zulus a lot of respect, but white people during that era also thought that it was good manners to lynch negros


[1]usually I get mines from the toudu, but I'll give y'all a youtube for this one. Decent film quality and no distracting Chinese subtitles. Kinda annoying in that it is in 13 parts, but if you watch it in playlist form it is pretty seamless. Always good to support folks uploading stuff to the youtube. Make sure you give it a 5 star rating and leave a comment too


Answers to last week's quiz

1. How could he invent paper if it had been been in use for hundreds of years before he was even born?
shut up, he invented paper

2. Couldn't origami and paper airplanes and what not be made out of papyrus too?
no, papyrus cracks if you fold it. You have to roll it in a scroll

3. You can make paper outta hemp, right?
yeah, but you're better off getting some of the indica and smoking it

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