Tuesday, March 31, 2009


nothing too exciting happened on the Simple English wikipedia this month. Kinda uninspired since they canceled the tournament, plus I moved to Miami and was quite occupied with boozing it up in my new locale. Created the tallest building in the USA list and filled in a few of the blanks. Did some work with the skyscraper categories too. I'm thinking that April will be an ambitious month, especially if my real estate woes mean I have to curtail one or possibly even two of my highly anticipated out-of-the-country sojourns. Up next (after I finish the last of the USA skyscrapers) are lists for Hong Kong, Shanghai, and China. Not sure if all of that will be finished ere May rolls around, but we'll see. Hopefully I'll be off gallivanting in new places and have better things to do than play on the wikipedias

someone on the Spanish wikipedia wanted to delete another of my skyscraper stubs. They said it was too short and blah blah blah. Someone added a few sentences to it and it was spared from deletion. I think it is pretty funny that my entry for Millennium Tower was deemed unacceptable, while my dozens of other stubs like Key Tower, Aon Center (Los Angeles), and Park Tower are just fine. Even a wiki as developed as the Spanish is still pretty hurting in its inconsistency.

without question the most interesting thing that happened was my receiving of the following email:

Sayın Ianm1121,

Wikipedia'daki Kullanıcı mesaj:Ianm1121 başlıklı sayfa
00:41, 29 Mart 2009 tarihinde Vikiçizer tarafından yaratıldı. Geçerli
sürüme http://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kullan%C4%B1c%C4%B1_mesaj:Ianm1121
adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

Yeni bir sayfa.

Açıklaması: Vikipedi'ye hoş geldiniz!

Sayfayı değiştiren kullanıcının erişim bilgileri:
Viki: http://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kullan%C4%B1c%C4%B1:Viki%C3%A7izer

Bahsi geçen sayfayı ziyaret etmediğiniz sürece sayfayla ilgili
başka değişiklik uyarısı gönderilmeyecektir. Uyarı ayarlarını
izleme listenizdeki tüm sayfalar için değiştirebilirsiniz.

Wikipedia uyarı sistemi.

Ayarları değiştirmek için:

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how cool is that? Turkish wikipedia wants me to do something or help them or be their friend or something. I might be a skyscraper consultant. Pretty exciting stuff in the wikipedia universe

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