Thursday, February 26, 2009

no more 2009 Wikicup Tournament of Champions

those silly guys over at the Simple English wikipedia couldn't even keep together the 2009 Wikipedia Tournament of Champions past the first round. I was leading my pool and would have advanced to the second round, but whatever

all I really did in February (other than partying and enjoying spending winter in the Caribbean and rocking out at Carnival) was create the list of tallest buildings in Chicago and fill in the top few. Getting the hang of the list creation and will do ones for Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Dubai. I'll prolly do ones for the United States and China too. That would get me most of the way done with the top 200, which was my original goal when I started on the wikipedia a year and a half ago. Still a long way to go, but the end is in sight. A few more and the Simple English will be in the top 5 of all language wikipedias as far as skyscrapers go. Not all that phenomenal an achievement in and of itslef, but if I can single-handedly versus all the languages of the world and come in behind only English, German, and French, then I'll take it. Plus I can rank up the Spanish and Portuguese ones whenever I want too. Or Italian or prolly a few others. I'm pretty much a one-man multilingual wikipedia skyscraper juggernaut. I've never been a juggernaut before, but it seems an apt title since the word derives from the Sanskrit Jagannātha, meaning master of the world

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