Monday, February 8, 2010

Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa

questions/controvercies this video inspired
how is he responsible for Columbus and Vasco Da Gama and them if he didn't even start being a pirate until years after they left on their voyages?
shut up. Europeans couldn't use the Mediteranian for trade due to piracy. He was the #1 pirate of all time. Maybe Columbus and Vasco Da Gama and them knew what was good for them and pre-emptively starting seeking alternate routes to Asia

um . . . the Knights Hospitaller provided medical care to pilgrims in the Holy Land. Hospitaller = Hospital. They weren't pirates or mercenaries
ok, and the Ku Klux Klan were merely a non-profit organization advocating the rights of a marginalized group victimized by the occupying government. You're an idiot

wasn't the Geoffrey Rush character Captain Barbossa from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies based on him?
no, shut up

um . . . those don't look like Andalusians in the thumbnail pic. You sure those are Muslims fleeing Spain?
ha ha ha, you got me. Those are Rohingya refugees who were denied entry into Thailand. The other google image results for "boat people" were Vietnamese or Hatian or (even you have your SafeSearch set to "Strict") topless ladies with unnaturally large breats. Still though, persecuted Muslims in an old-timey looking boat fleeing an oppressive government (Myanmar) is totally applicable to how dude and his brother got their nickname


looked up how to pronounce the Turkish alphabet so I could try to get his name right, but kinda surprised that of all the youtubes folks have made 'bout him no one talks. Mostly just music and pictures and text. I like this one the best

at 5:33, this is by far the longest youtube yet. It also has over 100 images, another record. Originally this one was going to be a rush job, as I had internet drama for a few days and really wanted to get in a January ADW. Coulda cranked it out and together with the year in review one woulda had me 2 blogs for the month. Instead decided to take my time and just let it get finished when it got finished. I have a lot of fun researching and writing these (not so much fun the editing) and seemed a pity to waste the joy stressing 'bout a self-imposed deadline. My stats can be skewed, I don't care

missing my deadline meant I stopped caring and it wound up taking me an entire week ere I finally got around to finishing it. Originally was too lazy to even rerecord the poor audio, but for whatever reason whenever I tried to save it (publish movie), it kept skipping the first half of sentences. So I rerecorded the entire thing. Bleah. I want an intern or somebody. Labor here in India is cheap, see if I can't get me someone to edit and do all the annoying tedious tasks for me

. . .

most everything I found relating to him read just like the wikipedia article, but apparently there is someone else out there doing what I do albeit in blog form and with an emphasis on violence. My Awesome Dudes can be scientists/inventors, religious folk/philosophers, emperors/kings, military conquerors/strategists, or whomever I deem sufficiently interesting. My colleague over at Badass of the Week has chosen a much narrower scope on which to focus

I heartily applaud him for his project and wish him all the best. Here's his Hayreddin Barbossa one

. . .

initially had him ranked better "than pretty much any pirate before or since," but figured I should do a lil' research to verify that entirely unsubstantiated claim. Turns out I was wrong. Really wrong. There is no other pirate who even comes close. His brother, the original Baba Oruç, is prolly the second best pirate of all time. All the other pirates in history combined don't have half the resume of this guy. I'd provide some links or drop some names, but no one even deserves to be considered his peer. Seriously, don't ask the google for a list of pirates. You will be disappointed. While the Puerto Rican Robin Hood and a few others certainly deserve their statues, most pirates are nothing more than breakfast cereal mascots

. . .

everyone who has ever uttered the phrase "war on terror" needs to watch Rambo III. Laurence of Arabia is a better movie, but Rambo hits a lil' closer to home since it is the Mujahideen he inspires to be awesome. Rambo III is without question the #1 Taliban recruiting video of all time

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