Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Shandong is the undisputed #1 source of Awesome Dudes of the Week, with twice the number of ADWs born there than anywhere else in the world. There is however, another state than can lay claim to birthing even more if future ADWs are taken into account. From whence comest a triumvirate of dudes?

gotta admit that I was proud of myself for instantly relating Mohism's stance against fatalism to one of the main tenets of Terminatorism[1]. Most folks prolly wouldn't associate the works of James Cameron with any of the Hundred Schools of Thought from the Warring States Period, but fortunately for y'all I am way smarter than pretty much everyone on the planet. That I got John Connor telling Ahnold "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves" with Chinese subtitles is beyond even my own lofty expectations though. That is just insane. All hail the king of fusing ancient Chinese philosophy with early 90's pop culture. In your face Family Guy manatee jokes


this guy made a Terminator monster ballad. Pure genius. The lyrics are all there if you click on the (more info) thing

Answers to last week's quiz

1. with a picture shout-out this week, who ties بیرونی as the most referenced person in ADW history?
Κλαύδιος Πτολεμαίος. Reckon once you get your second recognition in another dude's video that qualifies you for future ADW status. The threshold for inclusion will likely increase in the future, but since two mentions at this points means you've appeared in over 15% the youtube bios, that is pretty darn impressive. Course, بیرونی caught his 2nd after only 5 vids, giving him an insane 40% appearance rate. Still though, congrats to Egypt for having a son rank amongst the most mentioned

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Ian said...

started, but didn't get a chance to watch that Mozi movie ere I left Miami. Was watching a bootleg Chinese copy on the internet, but realized that I own a bootleg Chinese copy on DVD as well. Much as I appreciate my friends over at HAPPY LUCKY DRAGON MOVIE PALACE, watching 3 year old 16 movies for $1 Myanmar DVDs is soooo much more hard-core

anywhoo . . . that Mozi movies was fun times. Watch my ADW video again or skim over his bio on the wikipedia or one of the other top google hits. You will feel so smug when they keep mentioning things in the movie that are familiar to you. Plus that one guy has the deepest voice ever. Comically enormous dudes with giggle-inducingly deep voices are sufficient to cover for whatever other shortcoming the film may have had. Still infinitely better than spending your time watching CSI: Miami

(tried to embed an image here, but the google won't let me so y'all will have to chick here to see it)