Sunday, December 28, 2008


only played on the wikipedia a lil' this month, as moving to Trinidad and adventuring around took precedence over nerding it up on the computer. 40 hours a week on the internet for work still leaves plenty of time to delve deeper into the wiki world though

I found these other guys who are running a parallel list of places by area. Their table is far superior to the one me and my buddies at the E+m² have, but they are irrelevant. The only articles that link to their pages are their other pages. They are a self-perpetuating set of hyperlinks. A perfect example of a waste of energy. One of the main reasons that I've been so slow (aside from sheer laziness) to contribute heavily to the wikipedias is fear of squandering my time and efforts. These dudes have heated debates amongst themselves on the talk pages, but their hard work will continue to go unappreciated. Suppose it is still better than killing orcs and being a level 73 elvin mage or whatever they'd be doing with the internet otherwise, but it is depressing to see wasted potential

in other news, the wikipedia has a tournament where the more things you write and edit the more points you get and you can advance to the next round and there is a bracket and a wikicup champion. I signed up for the Simple English tournament (I am representing Trinidad & Tobago) and wrote a coupla stubs just to get back into the habit. There's no way I'm gonna win the tournament, but my objective is to not finish in last place. Look for me to curtail the English and Spanish wikipediaing, at least 'til I get thrown out of the tournament

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