Tuesday, February 26, 2008


started starting on the simple. Simple English wikipedia sucks. Depressing the number of dead links, stubs, and terrible articles. I'ma do what I do though and benchmark the skyscraper stuff with the best of 'em. I'll be doing the spanish simultaneously as well. It's a very small corner of the universe I've staked out, but my rinconcito kicks ass in its legitimacy.

Was plugging away at the history of the tallest building in the world 'til I got caught in the whole habitable floors v. architectural detail debate. Was going back and forth between giving it to Ulmer Münster or the Park Row building for a while and then it stopped being fun so I quit. Coullda written the definitive answer as the internet consensus is split and no one could have contradicted a well-articulated stance on the issue, but I just didn't care enough. The whole episode kinda soured me for a while and left me indifferent to everything.

I have a tendency to get bored easily. When inspired I am capable of doing anything, but once derailed it can take me a while to get going again. Lack of urgency is one of the biggest things I have to overcome (in wikipedia and everything else in life). Without a deadline, I get distracted to the point of inactivity. I need to be in a routine. Routines are great for me since I am a robot. I need to eat breakfast in the morning (and coffee and a muffin is NOT breakfast. Without 500+ calories and 20+ grams of protein I'll be grumpy 'til lunch), but other than that I am extremely flexible. Sleep schedules, physical activity, illness, external stimulation or lack thereof all have negligible effect on me. I'm down for whatever and rarely even notice my circumstances. As such it is important for me to put myself it good situations, otherwise I'll be content to wallow in my own filth in perpetuity. Once in a while wallowing in filth is fun and even healthy, but perpetuity seems a bit much.

This month I moved to Puerto Rico and had to get adjusted, but in March I should have my work, food, gym, beach, and other such things down to a science. Then I'll be free to over or underachieve in peripheral areas as much or as little as I please. I'm calling March to be my big wikipedia coming of age month.

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