Monday, November 26, 2007


now I don't like excuses, but I did go from working 12 to 52 hours a week and was out of town both of these last weekends for Thanksgivings in Michigan. Let's chalk November and December up to transition months. I know that's kinda lame, but it's still a whole lot better than what you're not doing.

I was starting to get into a groove with the Spanish building stubs . With the English ones I had to start from scratch, but with the Spanish I could mooch off of the other wikis. My info was still coming from legit sources, but sometimes I could get pictures from the other language pages. I say sometimes, 'cause not all the wikis are fully integrated. If you post something on the German one for example, it is only accessible to people from inside the de.wikipedia. In order to make things universally available, they must be posted in the wiki commons. I wasn't quite sure how the wiki commons works, and figured I'd wait until I did some more of the much needed gruntwork in the Spanish section, but then the English guys upped the stakes.

My whole wikipedia foray is a comically ridiculous undertaking, but inspiring in its scope of ambition. Figured I was charting new territory and anticipated blazing trails wherever I reckoned they should go. Obviously no one had standardized stuff, and after filling in the blanks that was gonna be my thing. I was gonna initiate a tsunami of organization that would sweep through the languages of the Americas (minus French due to irrelevance) leaving only a homogenized presentation of information in its wake. Then some English guys started a skyscraper team that has the potential to compete with my megalomaniac fantasy. I don't have enough street cred to join 'em, and their existence jeopardizes the implementation of my master plan.

It prolly won't matter, and if I own the Spanish and Portuguese I can still defeat them in a versus for the Simple English. This competition was nonetheless unsettling, and combined with my wiki time being culled resulted in an unproductive end to November.

I'll try to regroup and formulate a more aggressive gameplan in light of these recent developments. Depending on what's on there at the moment, Puerto Rico in its entirety might get wikicommoned. I don't fancy myself much of a photographer, but perhaps being the source of google image search results is my destiny. I know this November entry is kinda hurtin, but January's might be phenomenal. I may, in true wikipedia fashion, get sidetracked by so many other interesting things that the original objective lies buried beneath a train of thought wreck.

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